iCollab Healthcare
General & Family Practice

iCollab Healthcare provides general and family practice services centered around collaboration and the patient community. Our goal and vision is to nurture a sense of family and community for our healthcare centre, providing medical services to patients who are looking for more control over their own healthcare.

When it comes to your family, healthcare is a number one priority for our entire healthcare team. We focus on working with patients of all ages, catering to health needs including psychological and developmental assessment, treatment, advice, and general medical practices.

As your family doctors, we take pride in the curation of your medical history and are able to provide accurate ongoing care and support as a result. We’re here to coordinate your care, and see you through the health challenges and triumphs that you or your family may face at any stage of life.

General Practitioner Services

General practitioner services at iCollab include the assessment and treatment of non-life-threatening ailments including (but not limited to):

iCollab Family Practice

The iCollab vision has always been to create a family-oriented healthcare centre where every member of the family–kids, adults, and older adults– can get the care that they need.

Family medicine itself is a medical speciality that falls under primary care and involves providing ongoing comprehensive medical care for individuals and families no matter the age, gender, illness, or injury. Often associated with general practitioners, a family doctor serves a different function, which is to develop a collaborative relationship with their patients in order to tailor their ongoing care needs.

Our family doctors at iCollab provide a wide range of acute and chronic medical care services to our patients. While diagnosing and treating illness and injuries is always a primary focus, a lot of weight is placed on preventative care in the form of regular check ups, health assessments, immunizations, medical screenings, and general advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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