About iCollab Healthcare

iCollab Healthcare is a healthcare centre consisting of high-quality finished and fully equipped medical office examination rooms including integrated allied health professionals that together form a multidisciplinary approach to patient care and medicine.

iCollab Healthcare provides primary care, specialty care, walk-in services, and family practice services centered around team-based care and the patient community.

We pride ourselves in providing autonomy of time and flexibility back to healthcare professionals with ongoing efficient office management for all types of practitioners to add full scope care to the patient community.

The Facility

The History of iCollab

Our team had always wanted to develop an integrated healthcare facility in Surrey, BC made up of different departments including physiotherapy, general medical practice, dental, optometry, and pharmacy.

Our young generational group of doctors built the centre to be a place that could employ more doctors to properly serve the community of patients in Surrey, BC, and the surrounding area. This is how The Healthcare Collective became to be.

Utilizing the latest technology and a collaborative approach, iCollab provides autonomy for patients, allowing them to have more control over their own medical care (with professional input), and for the growth and learning experience for the practitioners involved.

Meet the Team

iCollab is about the collaboration of medical professionals providing high quality medical care to their patients. Learn more about the practitioners that make up the team at iCollab Healthcare Centre.

Join the Team

We’re constantly on the lookout for experienced professional practitioners to join our team at iCollab. Our goal is to continue to create and grow a collaborative medical centre that puts the patient first and offers innovative medical care.

We value professional, ethical, and collaborative like-minded practitioners. Whether you are a new graduate from residency, an already practising physician or specialist, a practitioner looking to transition into retirement, need a satellite office, expanding your existing practice, or anywhere in between – we welcome you to contact us. We’d love to schedule a tour of our facility and speak with you further about the opportunities that iCollab has to offer.