iCollab Healthcare
Walk-In Services

We offer medical walk-in services during business hours to ensure we’re there when our patients need us.

We are dedicated to keeping our patients healthy. Our healthcare team believes in creating strong relationships with all our patients, helping to educate them on preventative care, offering timely screenings, and diagnosing ailments, or highlighting other health concerns. As a walk-in clinic, we focus on high quality service and providing knowledge and care on an individual basis in an attentive manner.

Services Offered

Our clinic provides efficient and effective medical care for patients who are unable to contact or see their family doctor or those who have not yet secured a family doctor. At our walk-in clinic, you can see a doctor without an appointment and receive an assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and advice for minor illnesses and injuries.

Our walk-in clinic is experienced in offering treatment for common, non-life-threatening ailments including (but not limited to):

Our doctors are also able to provide walk-in patients with necessary prescriptions and specialist referrals as required.

If you’re experiencing any sort of severe injury or illness, or believe your injury or symptoms may be life threatening, we strongly advise you to seek out the nearest emergency room or call 9-1-1 for an ambulance.

A walk-in facility is not the best option for any sort of life-threatening emergency. While iCollab Healthcare Centre is a integrated facility, we are not fully equipped with life-saving equipment for advanced treatment.


Make an Appointment

If your medical needs are not urgent, but you’d still like to book a time to see a doctor, you can make an appointment quickly and easily by using our online booking form.