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iCollab Healthcare is a brand-new healthcare centre consisting of high-quality finished and fully equipped medical office examination rooms including integrated allied health professionals that together form a multidisciplinary approach to patient care and medicine. It’s this approach that sets iCollab Healthcare apart, by building a strong cohesive and collaborative team that can learn from each other to continually improve patient care.

iCollab Healthcare provides primary care, specialty care, walk-in services, and family practice services centered around team-based care and the patient community.

We pride ourselves in providing autonomy of time and flexibility back to healthcare professionals with ongoing efficient office management for all types of practitioners to add value to their careers.

Medical Practitioner Jobs

Are you interested in joining the iCollab Healthcare team? We are always on the lookout for practitioners who believe in growing and improving the quality of health and personal care to the city of Surrey and the surrounding area.

We are passionate about the practice services we offer to the community, providing a full family practice, walk-in clinic, specialist services, all centered around an integrated healthcare facility in a modern and inviting atmosphere.

If this sounds like a right fit, we are currently in the process of growing our team including practitioners, specialists, and support staff. By collaborating with a dynamic team of medical professionals, we are able to continue to grow the skill set of team members and work together toward a cohesive medical community to better serve our patient community.

The iCollab Difference

At iCollab Healthcare, we strive to enrich the efficiency of physician practices by leveraging our facility to ultimately enhance the physician and patient experience. This isn’t just a clever statement, it’s what makes iCollab truly different. We fully support our physicians in order to empower them to provide exceptional and attentive care to our patient community.

High quality finished and equipped medical office suites and practice amenities allowing us to walk the frontlines of modern medicine. iCollab Healthcare provides primary and specialty care, walk-in services, and family practice services centered around collaboration and the growth of the patient community.

Join the Team

The collaborative nature of our clinic means we are always looking to expand on the team in place in order to build a holistic environment where patients will feel comfortable and cared for.

While we are always looking to add value to our existing healthcare team in the form of new physicians and specialists, we’re also constantly growing our support team. If you have experience and/or training working in a medical facility or environment, we would love to hear from you.

The History of iCollab

iCollab Healthcare was envisioned over 10 years ago. Our team has always wanted to develop an integrated healthcare facility in Surrey, BC made up of different departments including physiotherapy, general medical practice, dental, optometry, and pharmacy.

This young generational group of doctors built the centre to be a place that could employ more doctors, to properly serve the community of patients in Surrey, BC, and the surrounding area. This is how The Healthcare Collective came to be.

Utilizing the latest technology and a collaborative approach provides autonomy for both the quality of a patient’s life, allowing them to have more control over their own medical care, and for the growth and learning experience for the practitioners involved.

Embracing a family mentality, determined to unite their knowledge and experience to the benefit of their patients, iCollab Healthcare was born.

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